The Necessity of Small Rituals

Habit The shoes put on each timeleft first, then right.The morning potion’s teaspoonof sweetness stirred alwaysfor seven circlings, no fewer, no more,into the cracked blue cup.Touching the pocket for wallet,for keys,before closing the door.How did we cometo believe these small rituals’ promise,that we are today the selves we yesterday knew,tomorrow will be?(Excerpt from “Habit” by … Continue reading The Necessity of Small Rituals

July 18, 2019: How Writing Helps Us Heal

(Preface:  I began this blog nearly one year ago, and, as the anniversary date approaches, I am looking over my posts and revisiting the motivation that initially prompted me to begin exploring the lived experience of heart failure.  I have always written, whether for myself or for publication.  It's the way I make sense of … Continue reading July 18, 2019: How Writing Helps Us Heal